Saturday, 31 August 2013

Back to basic.

Colour is an essence in a photo which is enhanced by the intensity of light. The other two, clarity and composition, are the work of the photographer. The fifth element is heart, without which a photo is soulless while moment, given or created, is a bonus.

Makro Merdeka

The passion for macro photography inspires me to add some relevance of the tiny creatures to certain themes like the independence day. I pinned a miniature Malaysia flag onto a patch of moss. Nearby it is a red weaver ant or semut kerengga on a barren soil. I only need to wait for the moment to click when the weaver ant is about to cross to the greener pasture.

Fajar Merdeka

A new dawn on the Independence Day, 31st August 2013. A view of the majestic and iconic Mt. Kinabalu (13,455ft ASL) at the backdrop, from Mengkabong River. In the neighbouring country, a photography spot like the Mengkabong River bridge is fondly dubbed as 'port sejuta umat', means the most favourite spot among photographers to capture an iconic subject or moment. The spot indeed fits to the nickname as landscape photographers, especially sunrise lovers, line up along the bridge to capture the beautiful dawn.


I always believe that there are so many ways of showing one's patriotism. It is more than just merely raising flag on certain days or yelling 'Merdeka' on every August 31st. It's about what you can give more, or even sacrifice, for your country.